COVID-19 Information

My primary concern is your health and safety. When in the clinic I cannot practice safe distancing due to the nature of this work but I will do all I can to keep you safe while visiting the clinic.
With the current covid restrictions in place, the Victorian Government requires every person in Victoria to wear face covering when they are less than 1.5 metres apart. Wearing a face covering provides an additional physical barrier and helps to reduce the community spread of the Covid -19 Virus. Your face covering must remain in place during your treatment.


Things I have changed

- The treatment bench is now softer and covered in vinyl

- A hygienic air dryer has been installed to dry your hands in the Bathroom

- All reading material and toys have been removed to stop transference

- Before treating each client, I apply hand sanitiser

- Freshly laundered pillowslips for each client

- I wear a facemask during treatments

There is a gap after every client to minimise cross-contact in the waiting room

I clean with hospital grade disinfectant

Between each client, I disinfect:
                              The treatment bench

                              EFTPOS terminal

                              Light switches and buttons

                              Door and tap handles.   

Things You can do to help me

Only essential people should be in the clinic

Please be punctual, if you are 5 minutes early I may still be cleaning

You are welcome to bring your reading material but you should not need it

Before the treatment, I will ask you to wash or sanitise your hands

Wear a face mask in the clinic and during treatments, when the health authorities deem it necessary

Previously, I asked you to bring a pen but now I will NOT ask you to sign anything while covid is active

I do take cash but prefer credit card at this time

If you are sick with a cold or waiting out a quartine period, I ask you to cancel your appointment - we can chat on the phone to find out how you are going