Courses I have attended

Graduating from Victoria University in 2000, with my Bachelor of Clinical Science and my Masters in Osteopathy, I continued my journey to deepen my understanding of the Human body with a variety of courses and ongoing treatment experiences. Since graduating, i have run my own clinic and treated a wide range of ages from brand new babies to a 96-year-old lady.  There are a variety of reasons people have sort me out, conditions from birth trauma, balance issues, back & neck pain, and sometimes when they just don't feel right.

Feb 2001                    40 hour                Basic Cranial Osteopathy   

Feb 2001              Introduction to the Face

Aug  2001             40 hour                Basic Cranial Osteopathy   

May  2002              BLT Course

Aug  2003            Obs & Gynae in Osteopathic Practice

Feb 2004            Introduction to Biodynamics

Apr  2004            Biodynamic Phase 2 

May  2005            Biodynamic Phase 3

Jul  2005            Recognizing  Breathing Dysfunctions

Feb  2006            Biodynamic Phase 5 

Sep  2006            Biodynamic Phase 4 

Sep  2006            Crash Recovery from Road Trauma

Feb  2007            Biodynamic Phase 6  

Oct  2007          Osteopathic Assessment of Babies

Feb  2008            Biodynamic Phase 7

 Jun  2009            Biodynamic Phase 8

Aug  2009          Review GI & Respiratory in Children

Jun  2011          Treatment of Children Phase I

Apr  2012          Osteopathic View of the Throat

Jul  2013          Biodynamic Phase 3

Apr  2016          Biodynamic Phase 1

Nov  2016            Biodynamic Phase 2

Dec  2017            Biodynamic Phase 3

Mar  2018          Visceral Manipulation   VM1 

Oct  2018            Biodynamic Phase 4

Jul  2019            Resolving chronic inflammation  

Oct   2019            Visceral Manipulation   VM2

Nov  2019        Biodynamic Phase 5

Feb 2021          Buteyko Based Breathing Course

Mar  2021          Biodynamic Phase 6

Mar 2022 Neural manipulation NM 1

Jul 2022 BPPV Vertigo Diagnosis & Treatment